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LAST UPDATED: 18 Nov 2020

10 Best RV Vacuum Cleaners – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Black & Decker Handheld


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Dirt Devil SD20005RED


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Top Pick - Black decker Hand Held Vacuum

The Hand held Black Decker vacuum checks all the boxes when you are selecting an RV vacuum. It is portable, convenient to store, and packs impressive power. We particularly like the easy flexing tip that helps you to reach all the hidden spots when cleaning the RV interior. Moreover, the cordless cleaner does not require plugging into any power source because rechargeable batteries supply the power you need to clean for a long time.


The space inside recreational vehicles can be difficult to clean. This is because RVs are mainly used on the move and when they stop, you may be far away from home. Cleaning becomes even more cumbersome when you travel in a group, with family, or with children.

If you own a pet and bring him along, you will have even more cleaning to do as compared to the average outdoor lover. A portable RV vacuum helps you clean the small space in the RV's interior or a travel trailer effortlessly. After conducting an extensive RV vacuum cleaner comparison, we narrowed down to 10 vacuums that are suited for recreational vehicles.

Read on to know what makes a good RV vacuum cleaner. You will also get useful tips in the buyers guide section that can help you pick the best vacuum cleaner for your RV. You can buy any of these at online stores like  Amazon, Bestbuy etc. Happy Rving!

Why every RV owner needs a vacuum for their recreational vehicle?

Staying in your RV for a few days when touring the country or while camping means that you will have to deal with a lot of messes and dirt piling up inside the vehicle. Keeping the interior clean will also be harder because you will probably spend most of the time sightseeing.

Moreover, you won't have the privilege of outsourcing cleaning to a car wash or professional car cleaner while out of the neighborhood. You have to take care of your own mess, and that is where vacuums for RVs come in handy.

Vacuum cleaners suck up small speckles of dirt and save you the trouble of trying to fit your hands in the small spaces. The cleaning tools will prove exceptionally useful while out camping.

Portability and ease of use are the most important features that you need to consider when selecting a camping vacuum cleaner. You may have to compromise on other features like dirt holding capacity and suction power, but since we are talking about the space inside an RV truck, the small vacuums should be enough.

Below you find our reviews for the top 10 RV Vacuum Cleaner in the market.

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My name is Paul Hardwick. I am passionate about all things vacuum. From very early on I was fascinated with them and after earning an engineering degree in electro-mechanical systems, I have been able to appreciate them even more. Here I will share with you my insights on the options available in the market & help you pick the best for all your vacuum needs! Read more.

10 Best RV Vacuums


Black Decker Hand Held Vacuum

Top Choice


The Black decker is made for cleaning when you are away from the comfort of your home. Running on a high capacity LI-ion battery, you can suck up dirt from your RV without plugging it into a power outlet. 

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It comes with a 15-ounce dust cup that is capable of collecting all the dirt in your RV driver's compartment and sleeping quarters.The front has an easy rotating pivot nozzle that allows you to clean tight spaces and hard to reach corners.

The cleaner keeps filtration at optimal levels by employing superior cyclonic action that whips away dirt and debris from the filter and maintains strong suction power. Filters operate with a 3-stage filtration system for small and large particulate eradication.


  • Easy to store and transport
  • Flexible nozzle tip gets into tight spaces
  • Does not need to plugging into a power outlet


  • Requires charging at ambient temperatures
  • Battery takes long to fully charge


Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum


The Shark Vacuum cleaner is a compact cordless cleaner powered by a Li-ion rechargeable battery with short recharging time. It comes with a convenient charging dock that doubles up as a storage port when it is not in use.

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Weighing less than 2 pounds, the cleaner is one of the most portable and easy to maneuver camping vacuum cleaners. A brushless motor is behind suction action on this vacuum and the dirt is deposited inside the 0.08-quart dirt cup.

Ejecting the dirt is easy and occurs hygienically with the efficient button that opens up the cup to let all the dirt out. The tapered nozzle works well to pick up dirt particles, dust, and pet hairs from different surfaces.


  • Compact size to fit in tight spaces
  • Charging dock doubles up as a storage dock
  • Cleans up pet hairs and small sized debris


  • Battery gets hot when recharging
  • Makes a loud sound when in operation


Dirt Devil 9880 Central Vacuum System

Top of Line


The 9880 Dirt Devil optimizes cleaning spaces while on the move thanks to the strong metal construction on the exterior that can withstand brutal use. It comes with an extensible hose that allows you to pick up dirt over 7-inch short distances and up to 35-inch long distances when fully extended.

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The packaging includes multiple extension tools that enhance cleaning on various surfaces. The extensions included are a 10-inch rug or floor tool, upholstery tool, a cleaning brush, a crevice tool and a mesh bag.

 The vacuum holds up to 1 gallon of dirt and the manufacturer covers it with a 5-year warranty. The motor also comes with an inbuilt overheating protection system that resets automatically upon cooling.


  • Large area cleaning capability
  • Multiple nozzle attachments included in packaging
  • Covered under warranty


  • Produces a considerable amount of noise
  • Takes time to set up and dismantle


VonHaus 2 in 1 Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


The creative design of this vacuum cleaner allows you to use it when in an upright posture for floor cleaning and detach the handheld vacuum for upholstery cleaning. It is run by a powerful motor that powers suction and stores dirt and dust particles inside the easily removable 1.3-liter tank.

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You can dispose the collected dirt hygienically without coming into contact with it using the easy pop open mechanism that opens the dirt tanks and allows you to drain the contests straight into a trash bin.

Additionally, the dirt tank is tightly sealed to prevent the sucked dirt particles from escaping and recirculating into the air you just cleaned. Multiple cleaning attachments are included in the packaging and come in handy when cleaning dirt in difficult to access points in your RV.


  • Support both upright and hand held use
  • Packaged with nozzle extension accessories
  • Hygienic dirt disposal mechanism


  • The plastic parts that make up the cleaner easily crack
  • You can lose suction power if you don't clean dirt trapped underneath the filter


Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Lightweight Stick/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


This lightweight vacuum cleaner also transforms from stick to handheld operation, thus allowing you to take care of dirt on floors, couches, walls, and curtains. Suction is powered by a powerful 450-watt motor that enables deep cleaning. A high charge capacity Li-ion battery powers the vacuum cleaner and has ability to power the vacuum for up to 40 mins.

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Dirt and dust sucked are managed easily by storing them in the 1.6-liter capacity dirt cup that ensures disposing the dirt is effortless.

RV owners love this vacuum because it comes with many attachments that make cleaning a breeze. You get 2 power brushes that dislodge dirt particles embedded in any surface or floor, 2 pre filters for capturing large particles, a hair cleaning tool, and a crevice tool for dirty cracks. Furthermore, you receive a pre-filter cleaning tool to help you maintain optimal suction of the vacuum.


  • Transforms from a stick to handheld vacuum
  • Sold with many attachment accessories
  • Cordless operation does not limit where you can use it


  • Batteries take a long time to recharge
  • Does not stand on its own


Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Top Value


This handheld vacuum from Dirt Devil comes with a powerful motor that sucks up dirt etched in shallow or deep spaces. The suction tip extends for 2.5 feet allowing the vacuum to get in between tight spaces in the RV and suck up all kinds of dirt and dust.

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The large capacity 0.45-liter dirt cup allows you to make cleaning passes on the entire interior of the RV without taking breaks to empty dirt in between. Space coverage, however, is limited since you only get a 15-inch long power cord, which means that you can only clean areas within 15 inches reach.

The design of the suction tip features an inbuilt quick flip crevice tool that helps you reach into tight spaces, such as in between seats in the driver's compartment.


  • Easy to handle
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Comes with an inbuilt crevice flip tool


  • The power cord limits the space where you can clean
  • Small dirt cup for very dirty surfaces


Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Hand Vac Corded


Handheld vacuum cleaners like this Eureka Easyclean vacuum are perfect for enclosed interiors in an RV. It comes with a long hose that extends up to 20 feet and folds easily into one side of the body for storage.

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Extremely dirty RVs are no challenge for the twin motors built into this vacuum cleaner. One motor runs the brush bristles, thus knocking off dust and dirt particles etched on any surface. The other motor runs the suction mechanism sucking in any particles close to the tip. It works well on carpets, upholstery, & hard floors.

In the interior, the vacuum holds efficient filters that trap dirt particles and deposit them into the inbuilt dirt cup before disposal. Emptying the dirt canister is also easy because it pops right off the body allowing easy disposal of collected dirt.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Twin motors enable thorough cleaning
  • Long reach for cleaning hard to reach corners and edges


  • Plastic parts break when mishandled
  • Brushes get stuck when dirt accumulates in the interior


 High Power LIBERRWAY DC 12v Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner


LIBERRWAY have designed this portable and lightweight vacuum cleaner for use to clean vehicle interiors on the go. It is powered by 12 volts and comes with a cord that directly fits into a cig lighter port in the car.

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The wet and dry cleaning support ensures cleaning the fresh wet messes is easy, which means that you can eliminate them even before they leave stains on the car interior. It features double filtration with the outer filter capturing large sized dirt and dust particles while the secondary filter captures miniature sized particles and pollutants.

The vacuum has superior suction enabled by the high power fan and the perfectly fitting attachment accessories. The suction force is sufficient to allow the cleaner to pick up lightweight animal fur and hairs, thus allowing you to clean up after your pets when they join you in the RV.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Packed with multiple attachment tools
  • Has a very efficient filtration mechanism
  • Plugs into a cig lighter power outlet


  • Only suitable for use in cars
  • Dirt cup fills up quickly


BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner


This is the ultimate cleaning tool for RV owners who also own a couple of furry friends. The all in one cleaning action cleans wet and dry messes with ease. The multi-surface brush roll  at the tip prevent entanglement when long hairs get sucked up into the vacuum cleaner.

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The dual mode that allows you to swap between dry and wet cleaning gets rid of messes by vacuuming and cleaning at the same time. Two tanks aid cleaning with this vacuum cleaner. One holds clean water while the other stores dirty water before it is ejected together with the dirt sucked off from various surfaces.

You receive a complementary packaging of pet friendly multi-surface cleaning formula, 2 power cleaning brushes, and a docking tray for convenient storage when you purchase the Crosswave Pet Pro.


  • Occupies little space
  • Supports switching between cleaning and vacuuming
  • Can be used on many surfaces


  • Sold at a high price
  • Scrubbing brush holds lots of water when wet cleaning


Dyson V7 Car+Boat Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Top of Line


Dyson markets this as the most powerful hand held vacuum cleaner, and we agree. The Motor V7 packs up to 100 watts of suction power which surpasses most hand held cleaners. It comes with a large capacity dirt holding volume of 15 gallons of dirt, thus allowing you to cover cleaning large spaces without interrupting cleaning to dump out the dirt.

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You will love the hygienic mechanism of disposing the dirt after a cleaning session with this vacuum. You simply press a button and the cover on the dirt cup pops open, thus allowing you to dump out the dirt without coming into contact with it.

The cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty cover for parts and labor guaranteeing that you are getting a long lasting cleaning tool when you purchase this vacuum cleaner. This is a great gadget for any RVer looking to keep the space spotless.


  • Has a large dirt cup
  • Suction is powered by a powerful motor
  • Supports hygienic contact free dirt disposal
  • Covered under a 2 year warranty


  • Highly priced
  • Some of the attachments don't pick up dirt very well


Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum

Honorable Mention


Honorable mention for this system. Converts into a handheld vacuum for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning. It has extra tools which can reach  tight spaces, tackle pet hair and more.

Vacuums for RVs -  Buying Guide

RV vacuum

Using vacuum cleaners to clean the interior of your RV is more efficient that relying on a hand held brush, soap, and water. Having a handy camping vacuum cleaner also helps you take care of messes as soon as they happen instead of waiting to get home. The few seconds it takes to swoop into action when you spill something on your RV seat can save you lots of hectic cleaning thereafter. According to Cars dot com, prompt cleaning avoids staining.

When buying vacuums for use in your RV, there are a few things you should look for to ensure you get the right cleaning tool. We discuss some of them below.

Types of RV vacuums you can consider

Over all there are many different types and options to consider when looking to buy a vacuum cleaner for your RV. These include:

  • Bagless vacuums
  • Upright vacuums
  • Canister vacuums
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Stick vacuum cleaner
  • Cordless stick vacuum
  • Steam vacuums

Each has its pros and cons and this guide will provide your critical information for making the best choice in your situation.


When you take a trip to the outdoors, you bring a lot of things with you to sustain you during the days you will be away from home. To help you pack many items, each item should be as small as possible as eagle Creek guides campers.

Portable vacuums are ideal for cleaning the space inside the RV. They are easy to carry and having them within reach helps you take care of any mess with little effort even when you are away from home. Large sized vacuums may be cumbersome to steer around in the narrow pathways in the RV and should be left to clean messes at home. According to RVBasics , the ones suited for outdoor use require mounting on the side of the RV or below the chassis which calls for extra work. Ideally we want something which is hassle free and can reach each and every cranny of the vehicle.

Power source

When you leave your home and decide to spend a few days in your RV, you cut off access to normal electrical power supply. Having a vacuum cleaner that is dependent on AC power supply in your RV does not help a lot. Consider battery powered vacuums if you want to clean the inside of your RV. One problem that you will encounter when using battery powered vacuum cleaners is that battery life is extremely important and can get in the way of completing an important cleaning job when on the move.

Some manufactures make corded vacuums that are suited for car interior cleaning. Such vacuums have a tip that connects to the cig lighter port in the car for power. These are also good for cleaning inside an RV. They eliminate the problem of power running out when using battery powered vacuums.

Noise level

Each vacuum cleaner operates with some level of noise. When you are camping in the wild you dot want to make a lot of noise when cleaning up in the morning or at night. According to Gore-Text, this is one way of avoiding an encounter with animals. The motor size of your vacuum cleaner greatly affects the level of noise produced. If the vacuum cleaner supports varying motor speeds test out the noise level at the highest speed because the lower speed levels will produce less noise.

Attachment accessories

Vacuums that come with extra accessories to enhance cleaning on different surfaces are perfect for cleaning the RV. They allow you to use the same vacuum on the carpet and swap the tip when you want to clean the seats. If you own a pet and allow it into the RV, hair removal attachments may come in handy for cleaning up after the pet just like guided by budget direct.

Suction power

Suction power determines which particles the vacuum cleaner can pick up and which one are too heavy to be sucked. Note that the powerful suction power deteriorates with time due to dirt clogging up the nozzle and hoses. Regular cleaning and maintenance easily restores the suction power. So, don't ditch your vacuum when you notice it is not picking up dirt like before. A thorough cleanup could be the solution.

Run time

When you are away from home and have limited options for re-charging, it is critical that the runtime of the system is long enough to enable you to give your RV a thorough cleanup.

Dirt disposal 

All the dirt sucked up by the vacuum remains in the dirt cup or bag until you dispose of it. Vacuums that have efficient dirt disposal mechanisms allow you to get rid of the dirt without coming into contact with it.

The dirt holding capacity is also another thing that you should pay keen attention to. A dirt cup that easily fills up means that you have to keep interrupting your cleaning for a trip to the trash bin to empty it. It is better to go with a vacuum that has a large dirt cup so that you can clean the whole area that needs cleaning at one go.

Type of Filters in the Vacuum Cleaner 

Ensure that you look at the filters the vacuum cleaner uses. The filters determine the size of particles that can be cleaned by the vacuum cleaner.

Look out for vacuums with HEPA filters if you share the RV with an allergic person. According to webMD, HEPA filters can filter out microscopic particles and allergens from the RV and make it safer for allergic persons. Filters need Replacing after a while. Ensure that the vacuum you settle on has easily replaceable filters. HEPA filters are expensive and finding one that has rinseable filters can save you some money.

Check out this video that guides you on the proper procedure you should follow when rinsing HEPA filters.


Proper cleanliness inside your RV is very important. Other than the obvious benefits of bacteria control, proper hygiene allows you to enjoy your RV even more. With a portable RV vacuum cleaner, you can take care of dirt inside your RV easily before it piles up.

Our top pick from the list of 10 best rv vacuum cleaner helps you do a great cleaning job while on the go. The other vacuums in the list also do a good job in cleaning RV interiors and buying any of them is better than heading out without one.

If you can't find a cleaner that is suitable for cleaning your RV on the list, follow the tips in the buying guide section to ensure you choose one that works well inside an RV. Good luck as you head out camping and touring in your recreational vehicle.

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