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Invention, Background, and Future of Vacuum Cleaners

The vacuum cleaner is a device that has made our lives incredibly more convenient. It is a home appliance that has suction power which allows it to effectively remove dust, dirt, and other debris directly from the floor. Along with this, it has attachments and capabilities that make it an effective appliance for cleaning upholstery and various other surfaces. The original vacuum cleaner was invented in 1910 [1]. Believe it or not, but the modern-day vacuum cleaner hasn’t changed much since.

What Did People Use Before Vacuums?

Before the vacuum being invented, people had to clean their floors manually. There was no suction-based appliance that you could use to clean things. Therefore, you had to take rugs outside and beat them with something solid to get rid of the dust from it. Likewise, some homeowners used coverings for their rugs to keep them from accumulating dirt and debris.

First Vacuum-Like Device?

There was a manual vacuum that was invented by Daniel Hess in 1860 [2]. This device was meant to get rid of dust and debris manually. It was dubbed the carpet sweeper and it generated suction through the use of a rotating brush and bellows. There was a belt drive fan that the user would effectively wind up with their hand. Because of this, it was not convenient at all in its intended operation. However, despite it not necessarily being the most accessible appliance, it was an effective appliance and it did have some mainstream success and appeal because it made an otherwise tedious and time-consuming task much easier.

What Was The Original Motorized Vacuum Cleaner Like?

The original featured a motor that was capable of drawing in 1.5 amps and rotated around 1000 to 3000 rpm [1]. While it’s true the vacuum cleaners are faster and drawing more power in today’s marketplace, that doesn’t necessarily boost their effectiveness. It hinders the longevity of the vacuum cleaners. Nowadays, vacuums draw more power and run faster which wears out the components much quicker. Therefore, you could argue the vacuums produced in the early 1900s were better and more durable than the vacuums produced now.

What Is The Future Of Vacuums?

Manufacturers continue to look for ways to improve on the modern vacuum cleaner. There are brands like Dyson who are constantly looking to make vacuums increasingly powerful. However, perhaps the biggest innovation they’ve made is introducing bag-less models along with the inclusion of HEPA filters. Whereas, Hoover is adding more and more patents to improve the vacuum experience.

The Introduction Of Smart Vacuums

Perhaps the biggest thing to look forward to as a consumer would be the introduction of the smart vacuum. The first ever robotic vacuum cleaner appeared in 1996 [3]. You can find robot vacuums being sold in the marketplace from a variety of different brands and manufacturers. These vacuums promise to offer even greater levels of convenience and accessibility to consumers. After all, they can be used to vacuum floors while you aren’t even home to operate the appliance. This alone makes a robot vacuum a worthwhile investment for many.

Overall, the vacuum was one of the most important home appliance inventions in modern history. However, despite it being such an important invention, it hasn’t changed much since. However, there is a lot of hope that in the future home automation and artificial intelligence will change all of that. There is a lot to like about the future of vacuums because of this. Vacuums have already made it incredibly easy, time-efficient, and less tedious to clean our homes. There is hope that in the future this tedious and time-consuming task can be completely automated with the likes of robot vacuums.





Featured vacuums

Everything You Need To Know About Vacuum Cleaners

One of the most effective household cleaning devices are vacuum cleaners. These essential cleaning machines allow you to remove dust, dirt and other small unwanted particles from your home.

They use the power of suction in order to remove that dirt so you can enjoy a clean home. Now, you may be wondering, exactly how do these amazing machines work?

How do vacuums work?

We will now go into the details of how vacuums work as well as the top brands, types etc.

In order to quickly understand how vacuum cleaners work, you should think of them like straws. In the same way that you use a straw to suck liquid up into your mouth, the vacuum cleaner acts like a straw to suck dirt and dust into its storage bag or container.

Vacuum cleaners are able to do this by creating negative pressure inside of them so that the air containing dirt and other particles are sucked inside.

Vacuums have an electric motor that spins the fan inside of them which creates the negative pressure. When the air is sucked in, it is vented on another side of the vacuum so that the vacuum can continue to suction in air.

When the air is sucked in, it is passed through one or more filters such as a HEPA filter to remove the dirt and other fine particles from the air before it is vented out of the vacuum.

This is the most important part of the functionality of vacuums since this allows them to remove dirt, dust and other contaminants from your home.

Types of vacuum systems

Next, there are many different types of vacuum cleaners. Some of the most popular types include upright vacuums, canister vacuums, handheld vacuums, robotic vacuums, deep cleaner vacuums, stick vacuums, pet vacuums etc.

Each of these different vacuum types have particular specialties. For example, the deep cleaner vacuum is meant for carpet, however, it provides a deeper clean because it pushes warm soapy water into the carpet, scrubs it and then suctions out the dirty water.

Also, vacuums can be bagged or bagless. You need to carefully consider the pros and cons between these two types before deciding on which vacuum cleaner to purchase.

Bagged vacuum cleaners have an internal bag which holds the captured dirt, dust and other particles. These type of vacuums hold significantly more dirt and they typically have a light indicator which shows when the bag needs to be removed and a new bag installed.

A bagless vacuum cleaner has in inbuilt dirt bin instead of a bag that needs to be emptied once it is completely filled. The advantage of using a bagless vacuum cleaner is that you don’t need to always buy replacement bags.

However, a bagged vacuum cleaner releases significantly less dust, dirt and particles into the air in comparison to bagless vacuum cleaners.

Outdoor or Indoor vacuum Systems

There are also vacuum cleaners that you can use outdoors which are lawn and garden vacuums. These are quite different from typical indoor vacuums which are mainly meant to only be used inside your home.

Outdoor vacuums are basically larger and more powerful versions of indoor vacuum cleaners. Outdoor vacuums are meant to vacuum leaves, grass and even pine cones. Indoor vacuums on the other hand can only handle small particles like dirt, dust, food crumbs etc.

Now that you understand how vacuum cleaners work and the different types, you may be wondering what are the different brands available and which are the best ones to purchase.

Top Brands

The top 5 vacuum cleaner brands are Hoover, Shark, Bissell, Dyson and Bosch. Each of these brands have numerous models and types so that you can easily find the best type to suit your particular vacuuming needs.

Final Words

To wrap things up, we have just looked at everything you need to know about vacuum cleaners as well as the top brands. Vacuum cleaners can truly make your life a lot easier and keep your home clean and pristine.

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10 Best Tips For House Cleaning

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Cleaning a house can take up a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to. There are many ways to make cleaning more efficient while ensuring you have a deeply clean and healthy home for you and your family to enjoy. With that said, we will now dive into our 10 best tips for cleaning a house.

If you have pets, then you’re likely no stranger to having pet fur absolutely everywhere. There’s likely fur on your couch, bed, clothes, carpet etc. It takes a lot of time and effort to remove this fur, but one hack to quickly remove it is to use a lint roller. You can even use duct tape to remove the fur if you don’t have a lint roller handy. Simply wrap the duct take around a paint roller with the sticky part on the outside. Then, roll it wherever there is pet hair and it will quickly remove it in seconds.

Next, one of the easiest ways to quickly clean your floors and carpets is to use a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have a vacuum, then you should definitely buy one asap. The great thing about modern vacuums is that they have extremely powerful suctioning capabilities so that they can easily remove all the dust, dirt and allergens from your carpet and floors. This is particularly helpful if you have allergies or sinus issues. Vacuuming a room would only take a few minutes, so it is a great way to quickly clean your floors, every day. There are many vacuums that come with additional attachments that allow you to quickly clean your drapes, couch and even inside your car. This is truly an extremely versatile cleaning implement that you should always have in your home.

When it comes to cleaning the garage, one easy way to quickly get the job done is to use a leaf blower! Yes, instead of using a broom, you can use a leaf blower to quickly get rid of any dust and loose items you may have on your garage floor. Of course, before you start, make sure to secure any important items, papers etc.

Most people hate cleaning the bathroom, especially when there is soap scum on the bathroom walls and floors. However, one easy way to get rid of it is to allow the soap scum to dry and then use a potty knife to scrape it off. If you want to prevent this scum from forming in the first place, consider switching to liquid bath soap.

Cleaning is easier when you have a daily plan instead of waiting for everything to pile up. So, for example, instead of allowing your dirty clothes to pile up, simply wash a load every day. If you have a timer on your washing machine, set it to start up an hour or so before you reach home. Then, when you reach home you can take out your freshly washed clothes and put them in the dryer. This simple tip will ensure you always have clean clothes.

If you enjoy cooking but hate the clean up after, then you should clean as you cook. This extremely simple tip will help you to have a clean kitchen by the time you’re finished making dinner. So, for example, if you’re making pizza, as soon as you put the pizza to bake, use that cooking time to wash up the cutting board, bowls, knives and clean up any flour messes you may have made.

Next, having a clean toilet is important for good hygiene. So, in order to always have a clean toilet, you should make it a habit to do a light toilet clean every night before bed. It will only take a few minutes to add your toilet cleaner, scrub and disinfect the seat.

Many people often leave garbage in their homes for many days. This is not only unsanitary but attracts many pests. So, you should make it a habit to take out the garbage every night or even every morning as you’re leaving to go to work. This simple habit will ensure your kitchen is always clean and fresh.

Running out of cleaner can happen at any time and can delay your cleaning. However, instead of waiting until your next grocery trip, you can create your own cleaner. All you need is white vinegar, water and baking soda to create an all purpose cleaning agent that you can use to clean your bath tub, kitchen sink, counter tops etc.

Our final tip for a clean home is to always strive to keep your home as clean as possible. You can do this by placing outdoor mats at every exterior door of your home. This can greatly help to prevent dirt from being tracked into your home in the first place.

In summary, we have just looked at 10 of the best tips that will certainly improve your home cleaning. Be sure to implement them and you will always have a clean and spotless home that everyone will enjoy.