10 Best Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

LAST UPDATED: 17 Nov 2020

10 Best Leaf Vacuums & Mulchers – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Toro 51621 Blower Vacuum


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Equipped with a variable speed feature, the Toro 51621 Blower Vacuum comes with an oscillating nozzle and features speeds up to 250 mph. Perfect for medium or small-sized yard, this is an easy to store tool that fits in a vacuum bag. It’s also ideal for vacuuming up both wet and dry leaves, thanks to its variable speed feature. This is an affordable and easy to use blower vacuum that is also powerful and reliable.

Are you tired of cleaning up the leaves in your yard with a rake? A leaf vac with blower can make your life so much easier by saving you effort, time, and money. There are many options on the market that will work with the size of your yard and offer you the power you are looking for. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best leaf vacuum mulcher for your needs.

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10 Best Leaf Vacuums & Mulchers


Toro 51621 Blower Vacuum

Top Choice


Combining a powerful vacuum cleaner and blower into one unit, the Toro 51621 Blower Vacuum saves you time with its high performance that also comes with a leaf shredder. Using a patented shred ring, this leaf blower also features a metal impeller allowing the unit to reduce mulch debris up to 97 percent to less than a half inch. It also comes with a quick-release features that easily converts the unit into a vacuum in seconds.

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With an oscillating nozzle, the Toro 51621 can create a blown path up to 41-inches-long, plus you can make it wider if you sweep the blower from side to side and close to the ground. Plus, you can easily convert it into a vacuum just in a couple of seconds. With this electric blower, you can clean up your entire yard and not run out of gas or have your battery die, but it will need a power source nearby to keep it plugged in.

With speeds up to 250 mph, the Toro 51621 features speed control that make it super power, and it works best for someone with a medium or small-sized yard. This is an easy to store tool since all the parts fit inside its vacuum bag. Perfect for both wet and dry leaves, it also works well in corners and crevices.

With the variable speed feature, you are able to get better vacuum control while the shred ring and oscillating tube helps to save you time. Easy to use, Toro 51621 is reliable and powerful unit that is also pretty affordable.



  • This is an affordable yard tool
  • It has a lot of power and is easy to store
  • It mulches up debris super small


  • You have to use it near an outlet, which limits your movement
  • It isn’t a good choice for a large yard


Black & Decker BV6600


Simple to use, the Black & Decker BV6600 will blow through debris and leaves easily. Not only is it 50 percent quieter than other vacuums on the market, this leaf vacuum comes with a metal impact fan that stops it from becoming clogged as you mulch. You can also grind up 16 bags of leaves down into one bag.

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Featuring two-speed settings and two handles, the Black & Decker BV6600 allows you to adjust your speed so you don’t suck up the wrong thing with too much power. It has a mulching ratio of 16 to 1, and it comes with two white bags. The variable speed settings give you enough power to suck up matted leaves.

Equipped with a 3-in-1 mulcher, blower, and vacuum, you can easily keep your law uncluttered and clean. It also features tool-free changing options that lets you switch it from a mulcher to a blower quickly. This is a great feature to make sure your progress is uninterrupted.

With the built-in cord retainer, you can easily keep the extension cord out of the way and plugged in. the Black & Decker BV6600 is easy to empty and comes with reusable leaf bag that are designed to save you effort and time. Plus, you get three bags that are disposable and easy to tie up and throw away making cleanup easy.

This is a great unit for cleaning up decks, driveways, garages, and sidewalks while the vacuum option allows you to clean up twigs, leaves, pine needles, and grass clippings.



  • It’s a great way to clean up driveways and sidewalks
  • It has easy and fast changing attachments
  • The speed is simple to adjust


  • You may need a mask in case you suck up dust and pesticides
  • It is also pretty loud and you’ll need earplugs


WORX WG518 Leaf Blower


This 3-in-1 leaf blower gives you two-speed options along with blowing speed up to 250 mph. the Worx WG518 Leaf Blower is easy to set up and has a mulcher that can shred up to 16 bags of debris down into just one bag. It’s equipped with an attachable mulching bag that has a one-bushel capacity of shredded leaves.

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The tube is easy to attach with just one hand while the 12.0-amp blower gives you tons of power. The Worx WG518 is also a compatible tool that will work with the Worx leaf collection system hose attachment. It is easy to vacuum and blow with a simple two-hand operation preventing you from having to deal with smelly fumes.

The Worx WG518 gives you tons of control thanks to its easy to adjust dual speed feature. This is the perfect unit for clearing out small yards, steps, parking areas, sidewalks, patios, and decks.


  • It is easy to use and lightweight
  • The unit features tool-free assembly and easy one-touch conversion


  • It gets jammed when you suck up wet leaves
  • It’s not good for large areas


Black & Decker BV3600


Offering 3 in 1 function, the Black & Decker BV3600 is equipped with a super powerful 12-amp motor that can keep your yard free of clutter. You can blow, mulch, and vacuum up leaves and debris with the 230 mile per hour blower that is perfect for driveways, garages, sidewalks, and cleaning decks.

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Featuring an Anti-Clog Vortex Impeller, you won’t have to worry about this unit clogging as it mulches. The Black & Decker BV3600 vac is a heavy-duty vacuum that is ideal for vacuuming up twigs, pine needles, leaves, and grass clippings. And, you can grip up to 10 bags of mulch down into one bag.

Equipped with 2-speed selections, the Black & Decker BV3600 is versatile enough to work in a flower bed and then powerful enough to clean up matted leaves. You can easily change between the vacuum and blower function without tools. Plus, it is easy to empty with its design saving you energy and time.

The extension cord easily stays in place and plugged in thanks to the built-in cord retainer, which will help you stay working without having to stop. Ideal for blowing away a wide range of debris, you get speeds of up to 230 mph.  You can tackle any part of your yard to vacuum or blow away debris in just a few seconds.



  • The motor is super powerful
  • You can blow, mulch, and vacuum to keep your yard clean
  • It’s super affordable for the quality you get


  • It doesn’t come with a cord, you have to buy it separately
  • Some people had problems with it sucking correctly  




Easily turning 18 bags of leaves into just one bag, the 3-in-1 Worx Trivac WG505 vacuums up debris and leaves or blow them from your yard. This powerful leaf blower is super quiet and can be controlled with only one hand. You can easily adjust this blower to work around flower beds or blow large amount of leaves across the yard.

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Equipped with a powerful 12-amp motor, this lightweight leaf blower can blow leaves up to 210 mph. Simply change the settings with your thumb from hurricane force winds to a gentle breeze. It also allows you to move heavy debris from under patio furniture, so you don’t have to move anything around.

Easily switch to the vacuum feature by just rotating the toggle switch without having to change out the tube or stop. The Worx Trivac WG5050 includes a high-velocity shredder blade, which can chop up all that debris and leaves thanks to its heavy-duty metal impeller. Once it’s done chopping everything up, it will deposit all that mulch into the attached collection bag.

This super convenient tool features an ergonomic design that is simple to use. Not only can this unit create mulch for your flower beds over the winter, but it can also help to clear snow out from your driveway thanks to the warm air helping to melt away snow as the machine works.

As the Trivac works, you can pick up 14 gallons of dry leaves with the vacuum in just a few minutes. It also has a comfortable handle and an angled nose to make using the unit a breeze. This is a great choice for small to medium yards thanks to its lightweight design that is very easy to use.



  • This is a versatile unit that can be used as a mulcher, blower, and vacuum
  • It is powerful enough to get up to 210 mph
  • It is efficient and won’t produce any odors


  • It doesn’t have enough power for harder jobs
  • It won’t work well in large yards




This powerful, but convertible mulcher and vacuum combo will easily become your go to tool to clear and clean up your yard of debris and leaves. The BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 features speeds up to 250 miles per hour along with an air volume up to 400 cfm. This affordable leaf blower features a backpack style that allows most of its weight to rest on your shoulders.

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Featuring padded shoulder straps, this 3-in-1 leaf blower is made to be comfortable to use. It only needs a power source to get started, and then you just need to press its POWERBOOST button to get ready to clean your yard. And, with the Flexi-tube feature, you get the flexibility you need to maneuver through your yard to vacuum and blow leaves.

This powerful vac unit has a mulch ratio of 16 to 1 allowing you to get the job done faster. The Black and Decker BEBL7000 is also not very loud and is vibration resistant. It also comes equipped with a full cleaning kit that includes different nozzles, a vacuum bag, and instructions.

This is a great unit for any homeowner with its powerful air volume and air speed. Plus, with its backpack style design, this Black and Decker BEBL7000 is super easy to maneuver and use to clean up your yard.  



  • This unit is not very noisy and vibration resistant
  • It’s a super affordable 3-in-1 unit that is powerful
  • It has a backpack design, so the weight is distributed on your shoulders


  • It doesn’t have a variable speed feature



Top Value


Featuring metal impellers, WORX WG510 is a powerful leaf blower that has a mulch ratio of 24 to 1. This is an affordable leaf blower when you consider what you get in this product. It has a three-year warranty, and it comes with TURBINE Technology that makes it effortless and seamless to use when clearing and cleaning your yard.

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Offering an airflow volume of 525 CFM, the Worx WG510 also has an air velocity of 65 miles per hour. It weighs under ten pounds and is compact enough to carry with you anywhere. Since it is corded, you will have to work near an outlet, but the unit is not very noisy and is also vibration resistant.

Featuring a load speed of 16500 RPMs, the Worx WG510 has a 12-amp power rating. The unit automatically converts from a blower to a vacuum to a mulcher when you detach the vacuum bag

This is a great choice for anyone that wants a powerful 3-in-1 leaf blower. With its high mulch ratio and airflow volume, this is an affordable blower vac choice that makes cleaning up your yard effortless and easy.


  • It has a high mulch ratio
  • The metal impeller provides two speed control
  • It has a high airflow volume, and it’s easy to convert to other features


  • It does not have a variable speed feature
  • It’s limited by its cord


Blue Ridge BR8501U Vacuum Mulcher


If you are looking for an affordable leaf blower option, the Blue Ridge BR8501U Vacuum Mulcher is a good choice. This lightweight machine allows you to work for longer periods of time and comes with two speeds for both light and demanding yard chores. This is an electric vacuum mulcher, so you won’t have to worry about your battery dying or dealing with emissions.

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This 3-in-1 machine works as a mulcher, blower, and vacuum. The Blue Ridge BR8501U gives you 220 miles per hour and also provides 350 CFM. You can also adjust this unit to a reduced speed to help you get rid of debris and leaves in tight corners. Plus, it allows you to easily adjust from one function to the next without using any tools.

Featuring cord retention, this is an easy to store leaf blower. The Blue Ridge BR8501U is affordable and portable that is a nice and reliable unit for any homeowner on a budget.



  • This machine has a lot of power
  • It comes with two speeds for added versatility
  • This is an affordable machine most homeowners can use


  • It can take a while to convert the machine from mulcher to vacuum to blower


Greenworks Blower Vacuum

Top of Line


Featuring a powerful 40-volt battery, the Greenworks Blower Vacuum is equipped with a brushless motor, which will increase you run time. You can collect up to 4 ½ bags of leaves in just one charge. The battery last up to an hour and comes with a gauge indicating its charge status.

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This handy unit allows you to work longer since you can change blower speeds as you work. The Greenworks Blower Vacuum gives you speeds of up to 185 miles per hour and an airflow volume of 340 cfm, which is perfect for cleaning up an average yard. This is also a flexible blower vacuum that you can customize its settings to the task at hand.

Offering a straight design along with a back handle, it is easy and comfortable to use. You also won’t need any additional tools with the Greenworks Blower Vacuum. Plus, with its short nozzle you can easily clean up a mowed lawn, walkways, and patios.

It also gives you a good warranty that last four years and has nice safety features that keep you from coming into contact with the bottom. If you open the bottom hatch where the impellers are, the unit just stops working. You can also attach a vacuum bag to it for vacuuming up leaves.

Compact and portable, the Greenworks Blower Vacuum has the flexibility and mobility you need for basic yard cleanup. Plus, it is powerful enough to handle any type of leaves, even wet ones.



  • You can use this unit anywhere
  • It’s cheap to operate and has a variable speed setting
  • The motor is pretty powerful and runs for a while


  • It only works with a few Greenworks batteries and chargers
  • Run time is limited by the amount of battery you have


Sun Joe iONBV Vacuum/Mulcher


This versatile and cordless leaf blower is easy to convert from mulcher to vacuum without needing extra tools. The Sun Joe iONBV Vacuum/Mulcher comes with a battery, charger, and a 16-gallon vacuum bag along with a blower nozzle and the tube with wheels. Offering a max air volume of 350 CFM, this leaf blower is a great tool for any homeowner.

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Able to shred leaves up to 1/17th their original size, the Sun Joe iONBV features high impact-resistant impellers along with a blower nozzle that comes with adjustable wheels for increased maneuverability. Easy to move around the yard, this portable unit allows you to work It is nice feature that helps to roll it and take the weight off. You can really go a long time without getting tired thanks to this feature.

The Sun Joe iONBV comes with a main nozzle that can handle most tasks around the yard well, but there is also an optional cleaning attachment kit that you can buy separately. With a 17 to 1 mulch ratio, this leaf blower can hold its own when compared to its competitors. Plus, it has six variable speed settings that can give you up to 200 miles per hour.

This cordless unit comes with a 40-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives you up to 45 minutes of runtime. Even though the Sun Joe iONBV is a little on the expensive side, it’s a good investment when you consider the value.  



  • The cordless design lets you go anywhere in your yard
  • It has a lot of power and variable speeds
  • The impellers can shred up leaves into super small pieces


  • Run time is limited
  • Not a great unit for large projects

Leaf Vacuum & Mulcher Buying Guide

Considerations When Choosing a Leaf Vacuum with Blower

What exactly is a Vacuum Mulcher?

It’s all in the name. A leaf blower vacuum mulcher is just that. It has a vacuum that sucks up small and large leaves, twigs, acorns etc in your yard, deck, walkways, porches, and driveway. Besides just vacuuming up the leaves in your yard, a leaf vacuum mulcher is equipped with special blades on an impeller that can chop up leaves and debris into tiny, easy to throw away bits. When you add a collection bag, these small bits of leaves can either be bagged easily or you can use them on your lawn for fertilizer.

Typically, a leaf vacuum mulcher is 3-in-1 device that has the ability to blow debris and leaves into piles making them easier to vacuum up. These units are some of the most versatile lawn tools on the market and are super handy for any homeowner.

Mulching Benefits

Mulching has proven to have several benefits including:

•    Fertilizing flower beds & lawn to help promote healthy growth every spring

•    Helping flower beds and lawns to gain more access to the sun

•    Preventing leaves from getting soaked by rain & snow and becoming a soggy carpet on top of the lawn

•    Ensuring that rain is evenly dispersed onto flower beds and lawns

•    Preventing growth of crabgrass and dandelions

Types of Leaf Mulchers


Older models of leaf mulchers used gas to operate making them noisy and heavy. Requiring constant maintenance, gas powered leaf vacuum mulchers are not good for use in the extreme heat. While they are still used a lot by lawn maintenance services and professional landscapers to handle large yards, many homeowners prefer electric units over gas leaf vacuum mulchers.


Using an electric motor to mulch, blow, and vacuum, electric leaf mulchers work very much like gas unit, but they require being plugged into an outlet and aren’t as powerful. However, they are lighter, quieter, and easier to store. And, as there are more advances in lawn equipment & electric leaf blower technology, newer models are becoming more popular with homeowners and their yard needs.


Some of the most advanced vacuum mulchers available, cordless leaf vacuum mulchers have become more popular thanks to their ease of use and portability. You don’t have to worry about gas or cords since the operate on lithium ion technology. While they do have little more limits in terms of performance and power, a cordless leaf vacuum is a great choice for today’s homeowners.

Collection Bags

On top of what type of leaf mulchers to buy, you also need to consider whether you want one with a collection bag. Standard vacuum mulchers will have a special bag attached to collect mulched debris and leaves that you can dispose or resuse on your law as fertilizer. Typically, these bags are durable and can hold the equivalent of 10 regular bags of unmulched leaves. These collection bags are connected directly onto the vacuum mulcher and often come with wheels that make them easier to use.

Not as common, leaf mulchers without a collection bag tend to be less expensive than vacuum mulchers with bags. They are created to shoot out the mulched material back onto the lawn, which can be a great option is you plan to add natural fertilizer to your yard. But, if you want to throw away the mulched material, using a leaf mulcher that comes with a collection bag is a better alternative.

Features to Look for in the Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

Motor Specifications

Typically, you want a leaf mulcher that has 12-amps or motor. Many homeowners have found that the less expensive 10-amp model works just fine and saves them a few bucks. You will definitely notice a power difference between a weaker mulcher and more powerful ones since they just can’t mulch the same amount at similar speeds.


Power sources can vary depending on the vacuum mulcher you choose. Some use gas for power while other use batteries or electricity. Ultimately, the choice is yours on which power source works the best for you, just make sure you think about the size of your garden or yard and choose the option that works the best for you.

Speed Variations

A typical garden or lawn has both delicate flowers and plants as well as tough grass. It can be safe to use leaf blowers at their top speed on weeds and grass, but it may damage other plants in your yard. When you have a unit that features variable speeds, you have more versatile when mulching around different materials in your yard.

Impeller Strength

Many mulchers come with impellers made of plastic. However, a good quality vacuum mulcher will feature strong metal impellers that are able to take on high impact as well as slice debris into super small pieces. An aluminum or steel impeller is what you want to look for in a good quality mulcher as long as it has the right amount of power behind it.

Reduction Ratio

Another important consideration of a leaf blower is the reduction ratio. Especially if you have a large yard with a lot of leaves and trees. When discussing the ration, you are talking about how small the debris and leaves are broken down.

So, a vacuum mulcher that has a 12 to 1 reduction ration allows you to reduce 12 bags of leaves into just one bag of mulch. You want a leaf blower that has a higher reduction ratio, so you have fewer bag to empty.Typically, a good quality vacuum mulcher will have a reduction ratio of 16 to 1.


Weight along with ease of use and power are some of the more important considerations when choosing a vacuum mulcher. When your mulcher is lightweight, it is easier and more comfortable to use. When you have a large yard, having a heavy machine can make the job so much longer and difficult, so look for a lightweight machine that makes it easier to get your yardwork done.


The collection tube or nozzle on a leaf mulcher needs to be big enough to suck up material and not become clogged. You also want it to be able to fit into a tight space to get out debris and leaves from cracks in driveways, patios, porches, and decks. Plus, you want a nozzle design that has been proven to work well. Look for vacuum mulchers that use specialized attachments that can make the job easier.

Adjustment Capability

You will find that most of the leaf blowers on the market today can be adjusted into another tool. A vacuum  blower can also work as a blower with the capability to move air up to 250 miles per hour. You want to make sure the unit you get is easy to adjust from vacuum mode to a blower mode or to the mulcher mode. Look for vacuum blowers that have a lever or switch that makes the adjustment easier.  


Durability and reliability of all the parts of the vacuum mulcher is essential for hassle free operations in the yard. This should be a one of highest considerations in your top pick.

A handy lawn and garden tool that is versatile and time saving, a leaf blower, mulcher, and vacuum is a necessity for any homeowner. Perfect for all aspects of garden and lawn care, a lawn mulcher and vacuum not only help to keep your lawn and garden healthy, but it also helps to save you time and money on your lawn care duties. Offering 3-in-1 versatility, the leaf blower, mulcher, and vacuum is really a one-of-a-kind garden and lawn tool that should have a place in any garden shed, garage, or workshop.

The lawn mulcher and vacuum can perform three important features of lawn and garden care helping to improve the health of your garden and lawn, particularly in the spring time. It’s important that you choose the best option for your lifestyle, budget, and yard. Make sure you do the research and choose the best lawn mulcher and vacuum for the needs of your yard.

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